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Nicholas Mosley – Lord Ravensdale – was born in 1923 and educated at Oxford University. His father was Oswald Mosley, known as the founder of the British Union of Fascists. His mother – Cynthia Curzon, daughter of the former Viceroy of India – died when he was nine and his father married Diana Mitford, who was divorced from Bryan Guinness, heir to the brewing fortune. Diana Mitford and her sister were best known as friends of Adolf Hitler. The couple were imprisoned in 1940 as a threat to national security. Nicholas served in Italy during World War II and, after the war, broke off with his father who had kept his extremist views. Since then he has made a writing career, writing novels, screenplays and non-fiction.

Mosley has had only limited critical and commercial success, not least, as he puts it, as there is now no place for writing about what life means. His characters are struggling to find meaning in their lives but Mosley, the author, is also dealing with ideas and philosophical problems, still somewhat frowned upon in the English-speaking world. He died in 2017.

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1951 Spaces of the Dark (novel)
1955 The Rainbearers (novel)
1957 Corruption (novel)
1958 African Switchback (travel)
1961 The Life of Raymond Raynes (biography)
1962 Meeting Place (novel)
1965 Accident (novel)
1965 Experience and Religion. A Lay Essay in Theology
1966 Assassins (novel)
1968 Impossible Object (novel)
1971 Natalie Natalia (novel)
1972 The Assassination of Trotsky (biography)
1976 Julian Grenfell, His Life and the Times of His Death 1888 -1915 (biography)
1979 Catastrophe Practice: Plays for Not Acting and Cypher: A Novel (fiction, essays, and plays)
1979 Imago Bird (novel)
1981 Serpent (novel)
1982 Rules of the Game: Sir Oswald & Ladv Cynthia Mosley 1896-1933, Vol. I (biography)
1983 Beyond the Pale: Sir Oswald & Lady Cynthia Mosley, Volume II (biography)
1986 Judith (novel)
1990 Hopeful Monsters (novel)
1994 Efforts at Truth (autobiography)
1995 Children of Darkness and Light (novel)
2001 The Hesperides Tree (novel)
2003 Inventing God (novel)
2004 The Uses of Slime Mould: Essays of Four Decades
2006 Look at the Dark (novel)
2006 Time at War (memoir)
2009 God’s Hazard (novel)
2009 Paradoxes of Peace or The Presence of Infinity (essay)
2012 A Garden of Trees (novel)
2014 Metamorphosis (novel)
2018 Rainbow People (novel)