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Barry Unsworth was born in Stockton-on-Tees in 1930 and educated at Manchester University. He worked for several years for the British Council in Athens and Istanbul and has used Greek and Turkish settings in some of his novels. His wife is Finnish and they lived in Finland, before moving to Italy, by Lake Trasimeno, near Perugia. He is known for his historical novels, which often concern the clash of different cultures. He died in 2012.

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Barry Unsworth
Barry Unsworth


1966 The Partnership
1967 The Greeks Have a Word For It
1970 The Hide
1974 The Mooncranker’s Gift
1976 The Big Day
1980 Pascali’s Island (US: The Idol Hunter )
1982 The Rage of the Vulture
1985 The Stone Virgin
1988 Sugar and Rum
1992 Sacred Hunger
1995 Morality Play
1996 After Hannibal
1999 Losing Nelson
2002 The Songs of the Kings
2006 The Ruby in her Navel
2009 Land of Marvels
2011 The Quality of Mercy