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Anne Serre was born in Bordeaux in 1960. She grew up in Fontainebleau and the Orléans. Her father was a professor of classical literature. Her mother died while she was still quite young. She studied modern literature at the Sorbonne, with a masters thesis on Madame d’Aulnoy‘s fairy stories. She published her first stories in magazines when she was twenty. She worked as a teacher and a a publisher’s reader. Initially her work was only stories but then she developed a short story she had written for her first novel, Les Gouvernantes (The Governesses). She has since gone on to publish several novels, of which only one, Les Gouvernantes (The Governesses), has been translated into English with a second – Les Débutants (Beginners) – to appear in 2021.

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1992 Les Gouvernantes (The Governesses) (novel)
1993 Eva Lone (novel)
1993 Un voyage en ballon (novel)
1995 La Petite Épée du cœur (novel)
1998 Film (novel)
1998 Au Secours (novel)
2002 Le Cheval blanc d’Uffington (novel)
2004 Le Narrateur (novel)
2005 Le Mat (The Fool and Other Moral Tales) (novel)
2008 Un chapeau léopard The Leopard-Skin Hat) (novel)
2011 Les Débutants (The Beginners) (novel)
2012 Petite table, sois mise! (novel)
2014 Dialogue d’été (novel)
2017 Voyage avec Vila-Matas [Journey with Vila-Matas] (novel)
2020 Grande tiqueté (novel)
2020 Au coeur d’un été tout en or (stories)
2022 Notre si chère vieille dame auteur (novel)