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Catherine Cusset was born in Paris in 1963. Her father was a Catholic from Brittany and her mother Jewish from Paris. She studied French literature at the École normale supérieure (rue d’Ulm – Paris) before taking up a teaching position at Yale University, where she taught French literature full time till becoming a full-time writer. She has written nine novels, one of which she adapted herself into English. Her semi-autobiographical Un brillant avenir [A Brilliant Future] has been her most successful novel to date. She lives in Manhattan with her US husband.

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1990 La blouse roumaine (novel)
1995 En toute innocence (novel)
1996 À vous (novel)
1997 Jouir (novel)
1998 Les romanciers du plaisir (essay)
1998 Libertinage and Modernity (essay)
1999 Qui peut définir les femmes? (essay)
1999 No Tomorrow: The Ethics of Pleasure in the French Enlightenment (essay)
1999 Le problème avec Jane (The Story of Jane) (novel)
2001 La haine de la famille (novel)
2003 Confessions d’une radine (novel)
2004 Amours transversales (novel)
2008 Un brillant avenir [A Brilliant Future] (novel)
2009 New York – Journal d’un cycle (story)
2013 Indigo (novel)
2014 Une éducation catholique (novel)
2017 L’autre qu’on adorait (novel)
2018 Vie de David Hockney (David Hockney : A Life)(novel)
2021 La définition du bonheur (novel)