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Patrick DeVille was born in 1957 in Saint-Brévin. He studied French and Comparative Literature at Nantes and then worked as a cultural attaché in the Persian Gulf. He has travelled extensively in Africa and Latin America, with his travels being used as the basis of several of his books.

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1987 Cordon-bleu
1988 Longue Vue [Telescope]
1992 Le Feu d’artifice
1995 La Femme parfaite
2000 Ces Deux-là
2004 Pura Vida
2006 La Tentation des armes à feu
2009 Equatoria
2011 Kampuchéa
2011 Vie et mort sainte Tina l’exilée
2012 Peste et Choléra
2014 Viva
2017 Taba-Taba
2019 Amazonia
2021 Fenua
2023 Samsara