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Jean Echenoz was born in 1947 in Orange, Vaucluse. His father was a psychiatrist. He studied sociology and then civil engineering at university. He is very secretive about his private life and little is known about him. He incorporates mystery and spy novel features in his novels but claims to write geographical where others write historical novels.

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1979 Le Méridien de Greenwich [The Meridian of Greenwich]
1983 Cherokee (Cherokee)
1986 L’Equipée malaise (Double Jeopardy)
1988 L’occupation des sols (Plan of Occupancy)
1989 Lac (UK: Lake; US: Chopin’s Move))
1992 Nous trois (We Three)
1995 Les grandes blondes (Big Blondes)
1997 Un an (One Year)
1999 Je m’en vais (UK: I’m Off; US: I’m Gone)
2001 Jérôme Lindon
2003 Au piano (Piano)
2006 Ravel(Ravel)
2008 Courir (Running)
2010 Des éclairs (Lightning)
2012 14 (1914)
2014 Caprice de la reine (The Queen’s Caprice)
2016 Envoyée spéciale (Special Envoy)
2020 Vie de Gérard Fulmard