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Guillaume Lecasble was born in 1953 in Cyprès. He started out as a painter at a young age. He went on to have an exhibition and subsequent success in the field of experimental painting. He became involved in film-making and, later, set design. He has written books both for children and adults. One of his books has been translated into English.

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1994 L’homme qui penche
1999 Le jour où bonhomme a rencontré la pluie
2000 Un artiste au Grand Véfour (with Guy Martin)
2001 Tiens-toi droite
2003 Lobster) (Lobster)
2004 Cut
2005 Celluloïd
2008 Linge sale
2010 Le Fils de la bonne
2015 Novice
2017 Le code de l’amour
2018 Le voile
2019 SDK Serial Dog Killer
2021 Le chou et l’hôpital