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Michel Houellebecq is best known for being controversial, something he seems to court, whether it is bashing Islam or bashing pretty well everything France has stood for since World War II. But, hey, controversy sells and Houellebecq sells in France and elsewhere. He was born Michel Thomas in 1958 on the island of La Réunion. His father was a mountain guide, his mother an anesthetist. Like Michel and Bruno, in Les particules élémentaires (UK: Atomised; US: The Elementary Particles), his parents had little interest in him and he lived with his paternal grandmother. He qualified as an agronomist, got married and then divorced. He got depressed and was treated for it. He started writing early on, his first book being about the American writer, H P Lovecraft. He published poems, stories and novels but it was only with the publication of Les particules élémentaires (UK: Atomised; US: The Elementary Particles), a critique of post-war France, that has had considerable success. He now lives in Cork in Ireland with his second wife.

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1991 HP Lovecraft, contre le monde, contre la vie (H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life)
1991 Rester Vivant
1992 La poursuite du bonheur (poetry)
1994 Extension du domaine de la lutte (Whatever) (novel)
1995 La Peau (poetry)
1996 La Ville (poetry)
1996 Le sens du combat (poetry)
1998 Les particules élémentaires (UK: Atomised; US: The Elementary Particles) (novel)
1998 Interventions (articles)
1999 Renaissance (poetry)
2000 Poésies (poetry)
2000 Lanzarote (Lanzarote) (novel)
2001 Plateforme (Platform) (novel)
2005 La Possibilité d’une île (The Possibility of an Island) (novel)
2008 Ennemis publics (letters)
2009 Interventions 2 (articles)
2010 La carte et le territoire (The Map and the Territory) (novel)
2010 Poésie (poetry)
2013 Configuration du dernier rivage (poetry)
2014 Non réconcilié (poetry)
2015 Soumission (Submission) (novel)
2017 En présence de Schopenhauer (essay)
2019 Sérotonine (Serotonin) (novel)
2020 La poursuite du bonheur (poetry)
2022 Anéantir [Annihilate] (novel)
2023 Interventions 2020 (articles)
2023 Quelques mois dans ma vie. Octobre 2022-mars 2023