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Irène Némirovsky was born in Kiev in 1903. Her father was a rich and successful banker. She was brought up by a French governess in St.Petersburg. The family fled Russia after the Revolution and lived first in Sweden and Finland before moving to France. Némirovsky attended the Sorbonne and started writing. She married and had two daughters but continued writing and had considerable success with her novels. She converted to Catholicism in 1939 but she and her husband had to wear the Jewish yellow star. He was no longer allowed to work in his bank and her novels were no longer published. After the Nazi invasion, they fled to a small village in Vichy but were arrested by the Vichy government and eventually sent to Auschwitz where both were murdered by the Nazis. Their daughters managed to escape, Denise taking what she thought was a diary. It turned out to be an unfinished novel, published in 2004 as Suite française (Suite française). Publication of this work re-established her mother’s reputation and several other posthumous works were published. Irène Némirovsky is now recognised as a major writer. Though she appears here, on the French pages, she never actually became a French national. However, as she lived most of her adult life in France, wrote in French and is considered French. she is here.

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1923 Le Malentendu (The Misunderstanding)
1927 L’Enfant génial (later: Un Enfant prodige) (The Prodigal Child)
1929 David Golder (David Golder)
1930 Le Bal (The Ball)
1931 Les Mouches d’automne (Snow in Autumn)
1933 L’Affaire Courilof (The Courilof Affair)
1934 Le Pion sur l’échiquer
1934 Films parlés
1935 Le Vin de solitude (The Wine of Solitude)
1936 Jézabel (A Modern Jezebel; later: Jezebel)
1938 La Proie
1939 Deux
1940 Les Chiens et les loups (The Dogs and the Wolves)
1946 La Vie de Tchekhov (A Life of Chekhov)
1947 Les Biens de ce monde (All Our Worldly Goods)
1957 Les Feux de l’automne (The Fires of Autumn)
2000 Dimanche et autres nouvelles (Dimanche and Other Stories)
2004 Destinées et autres nouvelles
2004 Suite française (Suite française)
2005 Le Maître des âmes (The Master of Souls)
2007 Chaleur du sang (Fire in the Blood)
2009 Les vierges et autres nouvelles
2012 Nonoche. Dialogues comiques
2012 Deux
2012 Monsieur Rose et autres nouvelles réalistes
2012 La symphonie de Paris et autres histoires