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Robert Pinget was born in Geneva in 1919. He studied law at the Collège de Genève. After the war, he moved to Paris, where he studied painting under Jean Souverbie. He had a certain reputation as an artist before turning to the written word. After a few unsuccessful novels with Gallimard, Samuel Beckett, with whom he remained friends, recommended him to Editions de Minuit which published Graal flibuste and then the rest of his work. He became a French citizen in 1960 and subsequently bought a 16th century cottage in Touraine. He continued as a writer till his death in 1997. As well as novels he has written plays both for the radio and the theatre. He has been associated with the nouveau roman because of his friendship with some of the writers, the fact that his books were published by Editions de Minuit, his rejection of the political novels of the time, preferring instead to explore language, and his parody of the traditional realist novel. He died in 1997.

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1951 Entre Fantoine et Agapa (Between Fantoine and Agapa)
1952 Mahu ou le matériau (Mahu or The Material)
1953 Le Renard et la boussole
1956 Graal filibuste
1958 Baga (Baga)
1959 Lettre morte
1960 La Manivelle
1961 Clope au dossier
1961 Ici ou ailleurs
1961 Architruc
1961 L’Hypothèse
1959 Le Fiston (US: Monsieur Levert; UK: No Answer)
1962 L’Inquisitoire (The Inquisitory)
1965 Autour de Mortin
1965 Quelqu’un (Someone)
1968 Le Libera (The Libera Me Domine)
1969 Passacaille (US: Passacaglia; UK: Recurrent Melody)
1971 Identité
1992 Abel et Bela (Abel and Bela)
1971 Fable (Fable)
1973 Paralchimie
1973 Nuit
1975 Cette Voix (That Voice)
1980 L’Apocryphe (The Apocrypha)
1982 Monsieur Songe (Monsieur Songe)
1984 Le Harnais
1985 Charrue
1985 La manivelle (Old Tune) suivi de Lettre morte
1986 Un Testament bizarre (A Bizarre Will)
1987 L’Ennemi (The Enemy)
1988 Architruc
1990 Du Nerf (Be Brave)
1990 Cette Chose (with Jean Deyrolle)
1991 Théo ou le temps neuf (Theo or The New Era)
1995 L’Affaire Ducreux et autres textes
1997 Tâches d’encre (Traces of Ink)
2009 Mahu reparle
2009 La Fissure, précédée de Malicotte-la-Frontière
2009 Jean Loiseau