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Manuel Rivas was born in 1957 inthe Montealto district of A Coruña. His father was a carpenter. He studied at the Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Monelos. His father wanted him to follow him in being a carpenter. His mother, who was a dairy maid, advised him to get a job where he did not get wet. He started work as a journalist at age fifteen. After school he went to Madrid where he studied information science. He then worked for Teima, the first Galician weekly. Back in A Coruña, he worked in various fields – journalism, theatre, radio and television. He later became a co-founder of Greenpeace Spain.

He has written numerous works: novels, stories children’s works, poetry and non-fiction and is considered one of the foremost Galician writers.

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1980 Libro de Entroido (poetry)
1981 Anisia e outras sombras (poetry)
1985 Balada nas praias do Oeste (poetry)
1985 Todo ben (novel)
1986 Mohicania (poetry)
1989 Ningún cisne (poetry)
1989 Un millón de vacas (One Million Cows) (stories, poetry)
1992 Toxos e flores (essay)
1995 Costa da morte blues (poetry)
1992 Os comedores de patacas (The Potato Eaters) (novel)
1994 En salvaxe compaña (In the Wilderness) (novel)
1994 Galicia, el bonsái atlántico (essay
1996 Que me queres, amor? (Selection published in English as Butterfly’s Tongue) stories)
1996 pobo da noite (poetry)
1997 Bala perdida, (children’s)
1997 l periodismo es un cuento (essay)
1998 O lapis do carpinteiro (The Carpenter’s Pencil) (novel)
1999 Ela, maldita alma, (stories)
2001 A man dos paíños (stories)
2001 Galicia, Galicia (essay)
2002 As chamadas perdidas (story)
2002 Muller no baño (essay)2002 Vermeer’s Milkmaid & Other Stories (stories)
2003 Do descoñecido ao descoñecido. Obra poética (1980-2003 (From Unknown to Unknown) (poetry)
2003 Nosotros dos (stories)
2004 El pueblo de la noche y mohicania revisitada ) (poetry)
2006 Os libros arden (Books Burn Badly) (novel)
2008 Os Grouchos (essay)
2008 A corpo aberto (essay)
2009 A desaparición da neve (The Disappearance of Snow) (poetry)
2010 Todo é silencio (All is Silence) (novel)
2011 O máis estraño (stories)
2012 As voces baixas (Low Voices) (autobiography)
2013 Vicente Ferrer. Rumbo a las estrellas con dificultades (biography)
2015 A boca da terra (The Mouth of the Earth ) (poetry)
2015 O último día de Terranova (The Last Days of Terranova) (novel)
2018 Vivir sen permiso e outras historias de Oeste (stories)
2018 Contra todo isto: un manifesto rebelde (manifesto)
2019 Libro dos manifestos (manifesto
2020 Zona a defender (essay)
2021 O que fica (poetry)
2021 Chispas (novel)
A nena lectora (children’s)