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Terézia Mora was born in 1971 in Sopron in Hungary. After the fall of communism, in 1990, she moved to Germany, studying Hungarian Studies and Drama at the Humboldt University on Berlin. She has written screenplays, radio and theatrical plays, stories and novels. She won the German Book Prize in 2013 for Das Ungeheuer. She has also translated several Hungarian novels into German, particularly the works of Péter Esterházy.

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1999 Seltsame Materie (stories)
2004 Alle Tage (Day In Day Out) (novel)
2009 Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent [The Only Man on the Continent] (novel)
2013 Das Ungeheuer [The Monster] (novel)
2015 Nicht sterben(literature)
2016 Die Liebe unter Aliens (stories)
2016 Der geheime Text: Stefan Zweig Poetikvorlesungen
2019 Auf dem Seil (novel)
2021 Fleckenverlauf (journal)
2023 Muna oder Die Hälfte des Lebens (novel)