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Rainald Goetz was born in Munich in 1954. He studied history, drama and medicine in Munich and Paris. He qualified in child psychiatry and in history. He worked for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and started writing book reviews and articles for newspapers and magazines. He became famous when, at the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize event, he cut open his forehead with a razor blade and let the blood drip onto his hands and the manuscript he was reading. He did not win a prize but got most publicity.

His work in various forms (drama, audio, novel, stories, non-fiction, blog) makes use of pop culture and has had considerable success, though he is perhaps best-known for his first novel Irre (Insanity).

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Rainald Goetz
Rainald Goetz
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1983 Irre (Insane)
1986 Krieg. Hirn
1988 Kontrolliert
1993 Festung (3 volumes: 1. Festung; 2. 1989; 3. Kronos)
1994 Word (audio)
1997 Mix, Cuts & Scratches (audio/book)
1998-2000 Heute Morgen (5 volumes: 1. Rave (Rave); 2. Jeff Koons; 3. Dekonspiratione; 4. Celebration. 90s Nacht Pop; 5. Abfall für Alle. Roman eines Jahres)
2001 Jahrzehnt der schönen Frauen
2007-2012 Schlucht (5 volumes: 1. Klage; 2. Loslabern. Bericht Herbst 2008; 3. Loslabern (audio); 4. Elfter September 2010. Bilder eines Jahrzehnts; 5. Johann Holtrop)
2010 D.I.E.
2012 Johann Holtrop : Abriss der Gesellschaft