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Lutz Seiler was born in 1963 in Gera, in the former East Germany. He worked as a mason and carpenter, before doing his military service. At this time, he became interested in literature and started writing poetry. He then studied German language and literature at at university. Since then he has written poetry, short stories, essays and a novel.

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1995 Berührt – geführt (poetry)
2000 Pech & Blende (Pitch & Glint) (poetry)
2001 Hubertusweg (poetry)
2003 Vierzig Kilometer Nacht (poetry)
2004 Sonntags dachte ich an Gott (essays)
2005 Die Anrufung (essay and poetry)
2005 In The Year One: Selected Poems (poetry)
2005 Lutz Seiler: Poems (poetry)
2008 Turksib (stories)
2009 Die Zeitwaage (stories)
2010 Im Felderlatein (In Field Latin) (poetry)
2012 Der letzte König von Mainz (stories and poetry)
2014 Kruso (Kruso) (novel)
2016 Die römische Saison (stories)
2018 Am Kap des guten Abends (stories)
2020 Stern 111 (Star 111) (novel)
2021 schrift für blinde riesen (poetry)
2023 In Case of Loss (essays)