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Andreas Embirikos (also Embiricos) was born in Brăila, Romania in 1901. His family was a wealthy shipbuilding family. The family moved tot he island of Syros and then to Athens. He studied at the School of Philosophy at the University of Athens before moving to London, where he studied at King’s College. He then went to Paris to study psychoanalysis. He lived in France till 1931 and he then returned to Greece to work in the shipbuilding industry. After two years, he resigned and became the first psychoanalyst in Greece and worked at that profession till 1951, when he became a full-time writer and photographer. His early poetry was surrealistic, influenced by the Surrealists he had met in France. He also wrote an eight-volume novel, which has not been translated. He was an enthusiastic photographer and a literary critic, as well. He died in 1975.

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Andreas Embirikos
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Andreas Embirikos


(Only works published in English)

1964 Ἄργώ ἤ Πλούς Αεροστάτου (Argo or Aerostat Flight) (story)
1966 Amour, Amour (stories)