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Angelos Terzakis was born in Nafplion in 1907. The family moved to Athens in 1915, where Terzakis took a law degree and then practised law. In 1932 he was appointed General Secretary of the State Theatre, then, subsequently, artistic director and director of repertory. His first published writing was a collection of stories in 1925. He subsequently produced a series of novels, stories, plays and essays. He also wrote film scripts and directed a film. He died in 1979. Only one of his novels has been translated into English, by an Australian publisher, while one other novel has been translated into Spanish, one other into French and German and one other into German, Russian and Swedish. All are difficult to find. His son, Dmitri is a well-known composer.

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Angelos Terzakis
Angelos Terzakis
Angelos Terzakis


(Only works translated into Western European languages)

1937 Η Μενεξεδένια Πολιτεία (The Violet City) (novel)
1946 Ταξίδι με τον Έσπερο [Travelling with Hesperus] (novel)
1964 Η Ελληνική Εποποιία 1940-1941 (The Greek Epic) (history)
1970 Αφιέρωμα στην Τραγική Μούσα (Homage to the Tragic Muse) (literature)