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Ersi Sotiropoulos


Ersi Sotiropoulos was born in Patras in 1953. She studied philosophy and cultural anthropology in Florence and Rome. She worked in the Greek Embassy in Rome, before returning to Athens. She started writing articles, before publishing her first book, a collection of poetry. She has since written novels and stories.

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Ersi Sotiropoulou
Sotiropoulos, Ersi 1953-
Ersi Sotiropoulos


1980 Μήλο + Θάνατος (poetry)\
1988 Μεξικό, (novel)
1991 Selected Poetry and Prose
1992 Χοιροκάμηλος (stories)
1997 Διακοπές χωρίς πτώμα (novella)
1998 Ο βασιλιάς του φλίπερ (stories)
2000 Ο ζεστός κύκλος (novella)
2001 Εορταστικό τριήμερο στα Γιάννενα (novella)
2003 Δαμάζοντας το κτήνος (novel)
2005 Αχτίδα στο σκοτάδι. (stories)
2009 Εύα (novel)
2009 Landscape with Dog: And Other Stories (from Ο βασιλιάς του φλίπερ, and Αχτίδα στο σκοτάδι)
2010 Η φάρσα. Αθήνα, Πατάκης (novel)
2011 Να νιώθεις μπλε, να ντύνεσαι κόκκινα (stories)
2012 Ζιγκ-ζαγκ στις νεραντζιές, Αθήνα (Zigzag through the Bitter Orange Trees) (novel)
2015 Τι μενει απο τη νυχτα (What’s Left of the Night)
2016 Μπορείς (novel)