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Dido Sotiriou was born Dido Pappas in 1909 in Aydın in what is now Turkey. In 1922, when the Turks recaptured Smyrna (İzmir), she and her family escaped to Piraeus in Greece, where her father worked in the docks. When her parents died she was brought up by an aunt. She joined anti-Fascist causes and worked as a journalist. After her marriage to a mathematics professor, the couple moved to France, where she continued to work as a journalist. When her sister was imprisoned and her sister’s partner shot for being members of the Communist party, she brought up her nephew. She started to write books in her forties, though her first book was not published till 1975. She is best known for Ματωμενα Χωματα (Farewell, Anatolia) which is set in the period when the Greeks and Turks fought in the early 1920s and the Greeks were expelled from Anatolia. She died in 2004.

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1962 Ματωμενα Χωματα (Farewell, Anatolia)
1978 Μεσα στις φλογες (Amid the Flames) (children’s)