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Seamus Deane was born in Derry in 1940. He studied at Queen’s University, Belfast and Cambridge. He was Professor of Modern English and American Literature at University College, Dublin before moving to the University of Notre Dame, where he is Professor of English and Donald & Marilyn Keough Professor of Irish Studies. He has only written one novel but has written several works of poetry and critical works and edited the very influential Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. He died in 2021.

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Seamus Deane
Seamus Deane


1972 Gradual Wars (poetry)
1977 Rumours (poetry)
1983 History Lessons (poetry)
1984 Heroic Styles: the Tradition of an Idea
1985 Celtic Revivals: Essays in Modern Irish Literature 1880-1980
1986 A Short History of Irish Literature
1986 Irish Writers, 1886-1986
1988 Selected Poems (poetry)
1988 The French Enlightenment and Revolution in England 1798-1832
1990 GiB : a Modest Exposure
1996 Reading in the Dark
1997 Strange Country: Modernity and Nationhood in Irish Writing since 1790
2005 Foreign Affections: Essays On Edmund Burke