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Roddy Doyle was born in 1958 in Dublin. His father was a printer and his mother a secretary. He earned a B. A. in English and geography from University College, Dublin. After graduating, he became a teacher. He was unable to find a publisher for his first novel so he founded his own publishing company, which published The Commitments. It did so well that the rights were bought by Heinemann and later became a successful film. He gave up teaching when Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha won the Booker Prize. He was, for a time, a member of the Irish Socialist Party and has been a strong proponent of women’s rights, including the legalisation of divorce and abortion in Ireland. As well as novels, he has also written plays and screenplays. He is best known for writing novels about working class characters who, despite going through economic and other adversity, somehow pull through with a combination of humour and determination.

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