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Patrick McCabe was born in 1955 in Clones, County Monaghan. He still lives there. He was educated at St Patrick’s Training College in Dublin and began teaching at Kingsbury Day Special School in London in 1980. He has written novels, including a children’s book, and two novels nominated for the Booker Prize, short stories, radio plays and a play.

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Patrick McCabe
Patrick McCabe
Patrick McCabe


1985 The Adventures of Shay Mouse
1986 Music on Clinton Street
1989 Carn
1992 The Butcher Boy
1995 The Dead School
1998 Breakfast on Pluto
1999 Mondo Desperado
2001 Emerald Germs of Ireland
2003 Call Me the Breeze
2006 Winterwood
2009 The Holy City
2010 The Stray Sod Country
2013 Hello and Goodbye (contains two short novels: Hello Mr. Bones and Goodbye Mr. Rat)
2019 The Big Yaroo
2022 Poguemahone (novel)