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Giuseppe Berto was born in 1914 in Mogliano Veneto. After graduating from high school, he joined the army and was involved in some of Mussolini’s African campaigns. He then enrolled at the University of Padua to study literature. He again joined the army at the start of the Second World War and again went to Africa. He was captured by the Allies and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp in Hereford, Texas, where he met the painter Alberto Burri and the writer and journalist Gaetano Tumiati. He also started to write his first book – Il cielo è rosso (The Sky is Red) – published in 1946. This book was a considerable success and was even praised by Ernest Hemingway.

However, his subsequent works had less success. Moreover, the critical establishment dubbed him as a fascist, which led to his being ostracised. This ostracism and his lack of success as a cinema screenwriter made him profoundly depressed. His subsequent psychiatric treatment led to his most successful book, Il Male Oscuro (Incubus), which he started writing at the suggestion of his analyst and which dealt with many of his personal demons, including his relationship with his father. He died in 1978.

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1946 Il cielo è rosso (The Sky is Red) (novel)
1948 Le opere di Dio (The Works of God) (novel)
1951 Il Brigante (The Brigand) (novel)
1955 Guerra in camicia near (journal)
1961 Il Male Oscuro (Incubus) (novel)
1961 L’uomo e la sua morte (drama)
1963 Un po’ di successo (stories)
1964 L’uomo e la sua morte (drama)
1965 La fantarca (novel)
1965 L’inconsapevole approccio (essay)
1966 La cosa buffa (Antonio in Love) (novel)
1971 Anonimo veneziano (Anonymous Venetian) (drama, 1976 published as a novel)
1971 Modesta proposta per prevenire (essay)
1972 La Passione secondo noi stessi (drama)
1974 Oh, Serafina (novel)
1975 E’ forse amore (stories)
1978 La Gloria (Glory: The Gospel of Judas) (novel)
1986 Colloqui col cane (essays)
1987 La colonna Feletti: i racconti di guerra e di prigionia (stories)
1993 Appuntamenti a mezzanotte e altri racconti (stories)
1993 È passata la guerra e altri racconti (stories)
2003 Il mare da dove nascono i miti (criticism)
2003 Canaletto. (criticism)
2005 Critiche cinematografiche, 1957-1958 (criticism)
2010 Soprappensieri. Tutti gli articoli (1962-1971) (articles)
2012 Tutti i racc(stories)