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Roberto Calasso was born in 1941 in Florence. He studied at the University of Rome, doing a doctorate in English literature. He is currently editorial director of the publisher Adelphi, which publishes his works. He has also been named visiting professor at Oxford University. He has published a series of works which are, in most cases, both novels as well as philosophical meditations on history and myth. He died in 2021.


Roberto Calasso
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Roberto Calasso (in Italian)
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1974 L’impuro folle (novel)
1983 La rovina di Kasch (The Ruin of Kasch) (novel)
1988 Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia (The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony) (novel)
1991 I quarantanove gradini (The Forty-nine Steps) (essays)
1996 Ka (Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India; Ka: The Story of Garuda) (novel)
1998 Sentieri tortuosi. Bruce Chatwin Fotografo (Winding Paths: Photographs by Bruce Chatwin) (essay)
2001 La letteratura e gli dèi (Literature and the Gods) (essay)
2002 K (K) (novel)
2003 Cento lettere a uno sconosciuto (essay)
2005 La follia che viene dalle Ninfe (essay)
2006 Il rosa Tiepolo (Tiepolo Pink) (novel)
2008 La folie Baudelaire (Baudelaire’s Folly) (novel)
2010 L’Ardore (Ardor)
2013 L’impronta dell’editore (The Art of the Publisher)
2016 Il Cacciatore Celeste (mythology)
2017 L’innominabile attuale