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Daniele Del Giudice


Daniele Del Giudice was born in Rome in 1949. He studied literature at the university of Rome but dropped out to pursue his interest in theatre, following Jerzy Grotowski to Poland, where he studied him for nine months, before returning to Italy and becoming involved in Dario Fo‘s Nuova Scena. He then worked as a literary critic for ten years the Paese Sera before becoming a full-time fiction writer. His work is often based on science and technology but is essentially philosophical rather than plot-driven, concerned with how we see the world and what makes us see the world in the way that we do.


Daniele Del Giudice
Daniele Del Giudice (in Italian)
Daniele Del Giudice (in Italian)


1983 Lo stadio di Wimbledon [Wimbledon Stadium]
1985 Atlante occidentale (Lines of Light)
1988 Nel museo di Reims
1994 Staccando l’ombra da terra (US: Takeoff: The Pilot’s Lore; UK: Take-off)
1997 Mania
2000 I-TIGI Canto per Ustica (with Marco Paolini)
2005 Nel segno della parola (with Umberto Eco and Gianfranco Ravasi)
2009 Orizzonte mobile
2013 In questa luce
2016 I Racconti
2020 Le Parole