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The identity of Elena Ferrante is not known. She has managed to keep her identity hidden since the publication of her first books, despite the fact that she now has a world-wide reputation. We can assume that she is from Naples or the Naples region and this article indicates that she is a mother. This article says She seems once to have been married; she may have lived in Greece. Apparently she claims that all that matters is the book and not the author and she may well be right. In 2016, a journalist claimed to have identified her as the German-Italian translator, Anita Raja, wife of the Italian novelist, Domenico Starnone. A later study suggested that Starnone himself may well be the author.

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1992 L’amore molesto (Troubling Love) (novel)
2002 I giorni dell’abbandono (The Days of Abandonment) (novel)
2003 La frantumaglia (Frantumaglia: Bits and Pieces of Uncertain Origin) (non-fiction)
2006 La figlia oscura (The Lost Daughter) (novel)
2007 La spiaggia di notte (The Beach at Night) (children’s)
2011 L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) (first novel in the L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) series) (novel)
2012 Storia del nuovo cognome (The Story of a New Name) (second novel in the L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) series) (novel)
2013 Storia di chi fugge e di chi resta (Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay) (third novel in the L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) series) (novel)
2014 Storia della bambina perduta (The Story of the Lost Child) (fourth novel in the L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) series) (novel)
2019 L’invenzione occasionale (Incidental Inventions) (novel)
2019 La vita bugiarda degli adulti (The Lying Life of Adults) (novel)
2022 La scrittura smarginata (In the Margins) (essays)