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Igiaba Scego


Igiaba Scego was born in Rome in 1974. Her family was of Somali origin. She graduated with her B.A. in Foreign Literature from La Sapienza University. She then took a doctorate from Rome Three University, specialising in witing and journalism, with a focus on the dialogue between her two cultures (Somali and Italian), transculturality and migration. She went on to write novels, short stories and memoirs.


Igiaba Scego
Igiaba Scego
Igiaba Scego
Igiaba Scego
Nostalgia and Hybrid Identity in Italian Migrant Literature: The Case of Igiaba Scego
Italy is my country – but it must face its racist history (article by Scego)
Igiaba Scego (in Italian)
Igiaba Scego, scrittrice post coloniale in Italia (in Italian)


2003 La nomade che amava Alfred Hitchcock (novel)
2004 Rhoda (novel)
2005 Pecore nere (stories)
2007 Identità in Amori (stories)
2008 Oltre Babilonia (Beyond Babylon) (novel)
2010 La mia casa è dove sono (memoirs)
2014 Roma Negata (with Rino Bianchi – travel)
2015 Adua (Adua) (novel)
2016 Caetano Veloso. Camminando controvento (literature)
2017 Prestami le ali. Storia di Clara la rinoceronte (children)