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Michela Murgia was born in 1972 in Cabras, Sardinia. Her first book, Il mondo deve sapere [The World Must Know], was originally conceived as a blog before being turned into a book. It tells of life in a telemarketing call centre. Her latest book has a religious theme, Murgia having been brought up Catholic and having retained her faith. She achieved success with Accabadora (Accabadora), which has been translated into several languages, including, surprisingly enough, English.

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Michela Murgia (in Italian)
Michela Murgia (in Italian)
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2006 Il mondo deve sapere
2006 Viaggio in Sardegna. Undici percorsi nell’isola che non si vede
2009 Accabadora (Accabadora)
2011 Ave Mary. E la chiesa inventò la donna
2012 L’incontro
2015 Chirú