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Natalia Ginzburg was born Natalia Levi in 1916 in Palermo to a Jewish father and Catholic mother. Her father, Giuseppe Levi, was a professor of anatomy. When she was three, the family moved to Turin. Her family were very much opposed to Mussolini and fascism. She started writing early and published her first story in a magazine when she was eighteen. She attended the University of Turin and, in 1938, she married, Leone Ginzburg. They had three children. Ginzburg was an editor with Einaudi and, as a teacher, helped introduce Russian literature into Italy. During the war they had to hide from the fascists in the country. However, Leone Ginzburg was caught and died under torture. After the war, she worked as an editor for Einaudi. In 1950 she married the critic, Gabriele Baldini, and they moved to Rome. This was the most creative period of Ginzburg’s life, as she wrote many of her best-known works. In 1983 she was elected to the Italian parliament. She died of cancer on 7 October 1991.

Books about Natalia Ginzburg

Angela Jeannet and Giuliana Sanguinetti Katz: Natalia Ginzburg A Voice of the Twentieth Century


Natalia Ginzburg
Natalia Ginzburg
Natalia Ginzburg
Natalia Ginzburg (in Italian)
Natalia Ginzburg (in Italian)
Natalia Ginzburg 1916-1991 (in Italian)


1942 Strada che va in città (The Road to the City )
1947 E’ stato così (The Dry Heart)
1952 Tutti I nostri ieri (A Light for Fools; Dead Yesterdays; All Our Yesterdays)
1957 Valentino (Valentino)
1957 La madre
1961 Le voci della sera (Voices in the Evening)
1962 Piccole virtú (The Little Virtues)
1963 Lessico famigliare (Family Sayings; The Things We Used to Say; Family Lexicon)
1964 Cinque romanzi brevi (La strada che va in città; È stato cosí; Valentino; Sagittario; Le voci della sera)
1966 Ti ho sposato per allegria (I Married You for the Fun of It) (drama)
1968 L’Inserzione (The Advertisement)
1970 Mai devi domandarmi (Never Must You Ask Me)
1971 Le voci della sera
1972 Paese di Mare
1973 Caro Michele (No Way; Dear Michael; Happiness As Such)
1973 Paese di mare e altre commedie
1974 Vita immaginaria
1975 Sagittario
1977 Borghesia
1977 Famiglia (Family)
1983 La famiglia Manzoni (The Manzoni Family) (biography)
1983 La mia psicanalisi: tre racconti
1984 La città e la casa (The City and the House)
1986 Opere [Collected Works]
1989 L’intervista: commedia in tre atti (drama)
1990 Four novellas (Valentino; Sagittarius; Family; Borghesia)
1990 Serena Cruz o La vera giustizia
1990 Teatro
1999 È difficile parlare di sé (It’s Hard to Talk About Yourself)
2001 Non possiamo saperlo. Saggi 1973-1990
2002 A Place to Live and Other Selected Essays
2005 Tutto il teatro (The Wrong Door: The Complete Plays of Natalia Ginzburg)
2008 Lettere a Ludovica
2016 Un’assenza. Racconti, memorie, cronache 1933-1988,