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Viola Di Grado


Viola Di Grado was born in Catania in 1987. Her mother was the writer Elvira Seminara (link) in Italian). She studied Chinese and Japanese at the University of Turin and East Asian philosophy at the University of London. She currently lives in London. She has written four novels as well as articles for various publications.


Viola Di Grado
Death and Other Holes: The Novels of Viola Di Grado
Viola Di Grado (in Italian)


2011 Settanta acrilico trenta lana (70% Acrylic 30% Wool) (novel)
2013 Cuore cavo (Hollow Heart) (novel)
2013 Il Superuovo (story)
2016 Bambini di ferro (novel)
2019 Fuoco al cielo (novel)
2021 Fame blu (Blue Hunger) (novel)