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Wu Ming is a collective of Italian novelists. They were formed from a subset of Luther Blissett, a community of artists, named after an English football player, who played for A C Milan. This community started out carrying out pranks and events, but also wrote a novel, Q. Wu Ming (the name means either no name, a reference to Chinese dissidents who sometimes use the name, or five names) consisted of five novelists: Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Luca Di Meo, Federico Guglielmi and Riccardo Pedrini, though they come and go. While they do book tours and interviews, they do not allow themselves to be photographed, disdaining such publicity. They have written several books together as well as several separately or with others. They consider themselves to be part of the New Italian Epic.


Wu Ming Foundation
Wu Ming Foundation: Who We Are And What We Do
Wu Ming Tumblr
Wu Ming
Interview Part 1
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Wu Ming (in Italian)
Wu Ming Foundation (in Italian)


(only books written/published by the collective)

1999 Q (as Luther Blissett) (novel)
2000 Asce di guerra (novel)
2002 54 (54) (novel)
2007 Manituana (Manituana) (novel)
2009 Altai (Altai) (novel)
2010 Anatra all’arancia meccanica. Racconti 2000-2010 (stories)
2014 L’armata dei sonnambuli (novel)
2014 Quattro (stories)
2015 L’invisibile ovunque (linked stories)
2016 Il ritorno di Cantalamappa
2018 Proletkult,
2022 Ufo 78