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Joseph Leydenbach


Joseph Leydenbach was born in 1903. His father was a judge and later a government minister. He studied law and economics in Belgium and France and then joined the Banque Internationale de Luxembourg, later becoming director of the bank. He did not start publishing till he was forty-five and has written novels and plays. He died in 1997. He is now considered the leading francophone Luxembourg writer.

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Joseph Leydenbach (in French)
Joseph Leydenbach (in Letzebürgisch)


1948 Les Désirs de Jean Bachelin (novel)
1953 Nadia (drama)
1953 No Man’s Land (drama)
1970 Piccolo (novel)
1976 Jeu d’Echecs [Game of Chess] (novel)
1979 Baladins (novel)
1980 Histoire de Faux Pas (novel)
1981 Le Procureur (drama)
1983 L’Otage (novel)
1984 Octave au Paradis (novel)
1985 Griffes de Sorcières (novel)
1988 Vie secrète (novellas)