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Jon Fosse was born in Haugesund, Norway in 1959 and grew up in Strandebarm, on Norway’s rural West Coast. In his early teens, he aspired to be a rock guitarist but gave that up to become a writer, publishing his first novel in 1983. He had become a father in 1979, marrying the mother the following year. He took a master’s from the University of Bergen in 1987 in comparative literature. He has since been married twice more. He has gone on to write novels, short stories, poetry, children’s books, essays and plays. He won the Nobel for Literature.

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1983 Raudt, svart (novel)
1985 Stengd gitar (novel)
1986 Engel med vatn i augene (poetry)
1987 Blod. Steinen er (novella)
1989 Frå telling via showing til writing (essay)
1989 Naustet (Boathouse) (novel)
1990 Hundens bevegelsar (poetry)
1991 Flaskesamlaren (novel)
1992 Bly og vatn (novel)
1992 Hund og engel (poetry)
1993 To forteljingar (novellas)
1994 Prosa frå ein oppvekst (Scenes from a Childhood) (short prose)
1995 Dikt 1986–1992 (poetry)
1995 Melancholia I (Melancholy) (novel)
1996 Melancholia II (Melancholy II) (novel)
1997 Natta syng sine songar (Nightsongs) (drama)
1997 Nye dikt 1991–1994 (poetry)
1998 Eldre kortare prosa med 7 bilete av Camilla (short prose)
1999 Gnostiske essay (essay)
2000 Morgon og kveld (Morning and Evening) (novel)
2001 Dikt 1986–2001. Samla dikt. Lyrikklubben (poetry)
2002 Plays One: Someone Is Going to Come, The Name, The Guitar Man, The Child (drama)
2003 Auge i vind (poetry)
2004 Plays Two (drama)
2004 Plays Three (drama)
2004 Det er Ales (Aliss at the Fire) (novel)
2005 Plays Four (drama)
2007 Andvake (novella)
2007 Eg er vinden (I Am the Wind) (drama)
2011 Plays Five (drama)
2011 Kortare prosa (short prose)
2012 Olavs draumar (novella)
2013 Stein til stein (poetry)
2014 Jon Fosse: Poems
2014 Plays Six (drama)
2014 Kveldsvævd (novella)
2014 Trilogien (Trilogy) (linked novellas)
2014 Når ein engel går gjennom scenen og andre essay (An Angel Walks Through The Stage and Other Essays)
2019 Det Andre Namnet – Septologien I-II (The Other Name – Septology I-II) (novel)
2020 Eg er ein annan – Septologien III-V ( I is Another : Septology III-V) (novel)
2021 Eit nytt namn – Septologien VI-VII (A New Name : Septology VI-VII) (novel)
2023 Kvitleik (A Shining)
2023 Nobelførelesinga (SIlent Language)