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Karl Ove Knausgård (known in English as Karl Ove Knausgaard) was born in Oslo in 1968. He studied arts and literature at the University of Bergen. His first book, Ute av verden, won the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature, the first time the award had been given to a first-time novelist. His second novel, En tid for alt (UK: A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven; US: A Time for Everything), also garnered a lot of awards. However, it was with his mammoth, six-volume autobiographical novel, Min Kamp, of which the first volume has been translated into English, that he received both extensive critical success, both in Norway and abroad, as well as attracting a lot of controversy

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1998 Ute av verden
2004 En tid for alt (UK: A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven; US: A Time for Everything)
2009 Min kamp. Første bok (UK: A Death in the Family; US: My Struggle)
2009 Min kamp. Andre book (Book Two: A Man In Love)
2009 Min kamp. Tredje bok (Boyhood Island)
2010 Min kamp. Fjerde bok
2010 Min kamp. Femte bok
2011 Min kamp. Sjette bok
2020 Morgenstjernen (Morning Star)
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