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Roy Jacobsen was born in 1954 in Oslo, growing up in the Groruddalen susburb of Oslo. As a teenager he was a member of a criminal gang and was arrested and convicted of weapons offences and theft. He worked at various jobs before he published his first collection of stories Fangeliv (Prison Life). His breakthrough work came in 1991 with Seierherrene, meaning The Victors (not translated into English), a large-scale genealogy and family novel that tells the story of a family over three generations throughout the 20th century. He has gone on to write many stories and novels as well as as filmscript, several of which have been translated into English.

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1982 Fangeliv (stories)
1984 Hjertetrøbbel (novel)
1985 Tommy (novel)
1987 Det nye vannet (The New Water)) (novel)
1988 Virgo (novel)
1989 Det kan komme noen (stories)
1990 Ursula (children’s)
1991 Seierherrene (novel)
1992 Fata Morgana (novel)
1994 Den høyre armen (stories)
1995 rygve Bratteli. En fortelling (biography)
1998 Ismael (novel)
1999 Grenser (Borders) (novel)
2003 Frost (novel)
2001 Fugler og soldater (stories)
2004 et nye vinduet (stories)
2005 Hoggerne (The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles) (novel)
2007 Marions slør (novel)
2009 Vidunderbarn(Child Wonder) (novel)
2011 Anger (novel)
2013 De usynlige (The Unseen) (novel)
2015 Hvitt hav (White Shadow) (novel)
2017 Rigels øyne ( Eyes of the Rigel) (novel)
2019 På randen av Vigeland (autobiogrpahy)
2019 Mannen som elsket Sibir (novel)
2020 Bare en mor (Only a Mother) (novel)
2022 De uverdige (novel)