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Sigurd Hoel was born in 1890 in Nord-Odal. His father was a teacher. He grew up in Odalen. He worked for a time as an insurance salesman before being able to go to university in Oslo. He edited a literary magazine at university. He started writing short stories and was also a literature and theatre critic for a newspaper. He wrote a play, worked as an editor for Gylendal and edited a political newspaper. He travelled to Berlin to study socialism, where he wrote his first novel. He travelled on to Paris where he met and subsequently married Nic Waal. They separated in 1936 and Hoel remarried.

Hoel had been trained by Wilhelm Reich but barely practised though wrote articles on psychotherapy. During the war he worked in the Resistance but had to flee to Sweden.

After the war he was involved in the national language movement. He wrote many novels, some of which have been translated into English, and essays. He died in 1960.

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1920 Knut Hamsun (literature)
1922 Veien vi gaar (stories)
1924 Syvstjernen (novel)
1927 Syndere i sommersol (Sinners in Summertime) (novel)
1929 Ingenting (novel)
1930 Mot muren (drama)
1930 Don Juan (drama – with Helge Krog)
1931 En dag i oktober (UK: A Day in October; US: One Day in October) (novel)
1933 Veien til verdens ende (The Road to the World’s End) (novel)
1935 Fjorten dager før frostnettene (A Fortnight Before the Frost) (novel)
1938 Sesam sesam (novel)
1939 Prinsessen på glassberget (stories)
1939 50 gule (articles)
1941 Arvestålet (novel)
1945 Tanker i mørketid (essay)
1945 Om nazismens vesen (essay)
1947 Møte ved Milepelen (Meeting at the Milestone) (novel)
1948 Tanker fra mange tider (essay)
1951 Jeg er blitt glad i en annen No
1952 Tanker mellom barken og veden (essay)
1954 Stevnemøte med glemte år (novel)
1955 Sprogkampen i Norge: en kriminalfortelling (language)
1955 Tanker om norsk diktning (essay)
1956 akta og forvrengninger i sprogsaken : tre artikler (articles)
1956 Ved foten av Babels tårn (novel)
1956 Trollringen(The Troll Circle) (novel)
1959 De siste 51 gule (articles)
1980 Ettertanker (essays and articles)
1990 Litterære essays)