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Joan Bodon, his real name, is generally known as Jean Boudou, the French version of his name. He was born in Crespin 1920. His mother was a story-teller and she was distantly related to the French writer Honoré de Balzac. After learning of his grandmother’s death in 1934, he developed a stammer, which he kept for the rest of his life. He trained as a teacher and worked as a teacher, till he was sent to to Silesia to work as forced labour by the Nazis. He stayed there till the camp was liberated by the Soviet army in 1945. He took up teaching again. In 1968 he transferred to Algeria to teach, where he stayed till his death in 1975. He published a large body of work, including novels, fables, stories, poetry, essays and memoirs, all written in Occitan, many though by no means all of which were translated into French. None of his works has been translated into English.

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1951 Contes del meu ostal : reculits per Joan Boudou. Avec une adaptation française
1953 Joan Boudou. Contes dels Balssas : Avec une adaptation française : les Ancêtres d’Honoré de Balzac
1956 La Grava sul camin (novel)
1960 La Santa Estela del Centenari (novel)
1964 Lo libre dels grands jorns (novel)
1966 Lo libre de Catòia (novel)
1970 Ren non val l’electro-chòc
1973 Obras romanescas complètas
1974 La Quimèra [The Chimaera] (novel)
1975 Contes del Drac
1975 Los carbonièrs de La Sala (with Andrieu Pradèl and Sèrgi Mallet)
1975 Sus la mar de las galèras
1976 Las Domaisèlas
1986 Letras de Joan Bodon a Enric Mouly
1989 Contes