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Jóusè d’Arbaud


Joseph d’Arbaud (also known as Jóusè d’Arbaud and Josèp d’Arbaud in Occitan) was born in Meyrargues in 1874. His mother was a poet. He studied law at Aix-en-Provence. He worked as a cattle herder in the Camargue but had to leave when he contracted tuberculosis and he spent some time in Switzerland. After he was cured he returned to Provence. He took up writing and was very active in the Félibrige, the Provençal cultural association. He is best known for his tale La bèstio dóu Vacarés (The Beast of Vacarés), finally published in English nearly a hundred years after its first publication in a bilingual Provençal-French edition. He died in 1950.

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1918 Lou lausié d’Arle /Lo lausier d’Arle (poetry)
1920 Li rampau d’aran / Lei rampaums d’aram (poetry)
1921 La vesioun de l’uba / La vesion de l’uba (poetry)
1924 Nouvè gardian / Novè gardian, (story)
1924 La bèstio dóu Vacarés (The Beast and Other Tales) (story)
1926 La caraco / La caraca (stories)
1929 La sauvagino / La sauvatgina, (stories)
1946 La coumbo / La comba (poetry)
1951 Li cant palustre / Lei cants palustres (poetry)
1951 Espelisoun de l’autounado/ Espelison de l’autonada (poetry)
1969 L’Antifo/ L’Antifa (story)
1974 Obro pouëtico / Òbra poetica (poetry)
2000 Jaquet lou Gaiard (stories)