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Max Rouquette was born in Argelliers in 1908. His father was a wine grower. He studied medicine at the University of Montpellier. He associated with other Occitan writers and started publishing poetry, particularly in the magazine OC. He trained as a doctor and joined the army as a military doctor, before becoming a doctor in Aniane. His first collection of poems was published in 1937. At that time he was also very much involved in the revival of the traditional game of tamburello. After the war, he founded the Institut d’Etudes Occitanes. He also translated Dante’s Inferno into Occitan. He would continue to be a major force in Occitan literature, writing plays and publishing novels, poems and stories. He will be best remembered for his seven volume Verd Paradís (Green Paradise) series. He died in 2005.

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Note where French title is given, the book was published in a Occitan/French edition

1937 Sòmnis dau Matin (poetry)
1942 Los Saumes de la nuòch [Les Psaumes de la nuit] (poetry)
1942 Jeu de Balle au Tambourin (on tamburello)
1961 Verd Paradís I (Green Paradise) (stories)
1963 La pietat dau matin (poetry)
1974 Verd Paradís II (Green Paradise) (stories)
1985 Lo Pater als ases; Lo Miralhet (drama)
1986 Lo grand téatre de Dieu [Verd Paradís III] (stories)
1987 L’uòlh dau cat [Verd Paradís IV] (stories)
1987 Goteta o los camins de la vida (children’s)
1989 La Cloche d’or (photos by Harold Chapman and Claire Parry)
1990 Las canas de Midàs [Verd Paradís V] (stories)
1992 Los dona d’er [Le prince des sosies] (stories)
1993 Saint-Guilhem-du-désert dix siècles en quatre saisons (photos by Harold Chapman and Claire Parry)
1994 Un Mas … Quatre istòrias (stories)
1995 D’aicí mil ans de lutz [A mille années-lumière] (poetry)
1995 Lo Glossari (Le glossaire) (only published in French translation) (drama)
1996 La cèrca de Pendariès (novel)
1996 Le Lac du Salagou miroir au cent visages, (photos by Georges Souche)
1997 Tota la sabla de la mar (novel)
1998 Le jeu de balle au tambourin (photos by Charles Camberoque)
1999 Lo libre de Sara [Verd Paradís VI] (stories)
2000 Membrança de la vida ordinària (stories)
2000 Bestiari [Bestiaire] (poetry)
2000 Chroniques de la vie ordinaire (stories)
2000 L’Epopèia de Papa Popov (L’épopée de Papa Poppov) (only published in French translation) (drama)
2000 Larzac (photos by Georges Souche)
2000 Lo Maucòr de l’unicòrn [Le Tourment de la licorne] (poetry)
2001 Graves pensées sur la lagune (novel)
2001 Ils sont les bergers des étoiles (novel)
2001 Le Bout du monde (photos by Bernard Plossu)
2002 Caminant, balada en terra d’òc (photos by Georges Souche and Sylvie Berger)
2003 Lo corbatàts roge [Verd Paradís VII] (stories)
2004 Medelha (drama)
2005 Bestiari II [Bestiaire II] (poetry)
2008 Poèmas de pròsa [Poèmes en novel] (poetry)