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Teolinda Gersão was born in Coimbra in 1940. Her father was a doctor. She studied English and German at the University of Coimbra and then German in Tübingen and Berlin. After teaching Portuguese literature at the University of Berlin, she returned to Lisbon, where she became a professor of literature. She also spent two years in Brazil, when her husband was working there. She has been a full-time writer since 1995, publishing novels and short stories. Apart from short stories published by The Threepenny Review two of her novels have been published in English.

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1979 Alfred Döblin, Indivíduo e Natureza (literature)
1981 O silêncio [Silence] (novel)
1982 Paisagem com mulher e mar ao fundo [Landscape with Woman and Sea in the Background] (novel)
1982 História do homem na gaiola e do passáro encarnado (children’s)
1984 Os guarda-chuvas cintilantes (fictional diary)
1989 O cavalo de sol (novel)
1995 A casa da cabeça de cavalo (novel)
1997 A árvore das palavras (The Word Tree) (novel)
1999 Os teclados (novel)
2000 Os anjos (novel)
2002 Histórias de ver e andar (stories)
2003 O mensageiro e outras histórias com anjos (stories)
2007 A mulher que prendeu a chuva e outras histórias (stories)
2010 A cidade de Ulisses (City of Ulysses) (novel)
2012 Os teclados & Três histórias com anjos (storues)
2013 As águas livres: cadernos II (fictional diary)
2014 Passagens (novel)
2016 Prantos, Amores e Outros Desvarios (stories)
2017 Castelo Branco (stories)
2019 Atrás da Porta e Outras Histórias (stories)
2020 Alice e Outras Mulheres
2021 O Regresso de Júlia Mann a Parat