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Alison Fell was born in Dumfries in 1944 and trained as a sculptor in Edinburgh. She became involved in the radical theatre group, Welfare State, and moved to London and joined the Women’s Street Theatre Group, noted for their huge show in Trafalgar Square in 1970, Sugar and Spice. She also worked for a variety of underground magazines and edited Hard Feelings, a fiction anthology, for the feminist group, Spare Rib. She has taught fiction and published a lot of poetry.

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Alison Fell
Alison Fell


1981 The Grey Dancer (children’s)
1984 Every Move You Make (novel)
1984 Kisses for Mayakovsky (poetry)
1987 The Bad Box (novel)
1988 The Crystal Owl (poetry)
1991 Mer de Glace (novel)
1994 The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro (novel)
1997 Dreams, Like Heretics: New and Selected Poems
1999 The Mistress of Lilliput or the Pursuit (novel)
2003 Tricks of the Light (novel)
2005 Lightyear (poetry)
2012 The Element -Inth in Greek (novel)
2017 Liberty, Equality, Maternity (literature)
2021 Dig (poetry)