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Muriel Spark was born Muriel Camberg in 1918 in Edinburgh. Her father was Jewish and her mother Anglican but Spark herself became a devout Catholic. She started writing poetry when she was nine,”improving” Robert Browning. After school, she studied at a secretarial college and then became a secretary. In 1937 she travelled to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to marry Ronald Spark. They had one son but were later divorced. She returned to England in 1944 and worked in political intelligence. Her first published work was poetry but she was encouraged to write fiction when she won a short story competition in the Observer newspaper. In 1954 she became a Roman Catholic and published her first novel in 1957. As well as many successful novels, she wrote biography, critical works and plays. She died in 2006.

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1979 Territorial Rights
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1984 The Only Problem
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1998 The Quest for Lavishes Ghast
2000 Aiding And Abetting
2000 A Hundred and Eleven Years Without a Chauffeur
2001 The Complete Short Stories (US: All the Stories of Muriel Spark)
2002 The Snobs
2003 The Ghost Stories of Muriel Spark
2004 The Finishing School
2004 All the Poems
2004 Author’s Ghosts: Seven Poems