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Antonio Soler was born in 1956 in Malaga. He had planned to be an athlete but this was ended following a traffic accident. His writing career started with a book of stories, of which a novella – La noche [The Night] received particular acclaim. He went on to publish many novels and short stories. Two of his novels have been translated into English. He has also written television screenplays and articles for numerous publications. He has taught in various institutions in Spain and elsewhere. He is a member of the Orden del Finnegans (link in Spanish), a group of Spanish-speaking writers who venerate James Joyce’s Ulysses and aim to go to Joyce’s Martello Tower in Dublin every Bloomsday.

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1991 Tierra de nadie (stories)
1992 Extranjeros en la noche (stories)
1994 La noche en Rumanía (novel)
1995 Modelo de pasión (novel)
1995 Los héroes de la frontera (novel)
1996 Las bailarinas muertas (novel)
1999 El nombre que ahora digo (Soldiers in the Fog) (novel)
2001 El espiritista melancólico (novel)
2004 El camino de los ingleses (novel)
2006 El sueño del caimán (novel)
2010 Lausana (novel)
2010 Málaga, Paraíso Perdido (essay)
2012 Boabdil (novel)
2012 Una historia violenta (novel)
2016 Apóstoles y asesinos (novel)
2018 Sur (Sur) (novel)
2021 Sacramento (novel)