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Sara Stridsberg was born in Solna in 1972. She initially studied law but did not pursue the law in order to focus, instead, on her writing. Her first novel was published in 2004 and she has gone on to write novels and plays, as well as translating works from English. Her fiction has been frequently set in the United States and usually is feminist in inspiration.

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Sara Stridsberg
Sara Stridsberg
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1999 Juristutbildningen ur ett genusperspektiv (law)
2002 Det är bara vi som är ute och åker (interviews)
2004 Happy Sally (novel)
2006 Drömfakulteten (UK: Faculty of Dreams; US: Valerie) (novel)
2010 Darling River
2014 Beckomberga: Ode till min familj (Gravity of Love) (novel)
2016 American Hotel (story)
2017 Nelly Sachs kommer aldrig fram till havet (drama)