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Dannie Abse was born in Cardiff in 1923 into a Jewish family. His older brother was Leo Abse, a Member of Parliament, best-known for his efforts at decriminalising homosexuality in Britain. Dannie Abse studied medicine at the University of Wales College of Medicine and then at Westminster Hospital Medical School and King’s College London. He worked for many years as a doctor. He is now best-known as a poet but he also produced some prose works, including two autobiographical novels. He died in 2014.

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1948 After Every Green Thing (poetry)
1952 Walking Under Water (poetry)
1954 Ash on a Young Man’s Sleeve (novel)
1956 Fire in Heaven (poetry)
1956 Some Corner of an English Field (novel)
1957 Tenants of the House: Poems 1951-1956 (poetry)
1962 Poems, Golders Green (poetry)
1963 Poems! Dannie Abse: A Selection (poetry)
1967 Medicine on Trial Aldus (poetry)
1967 Three Questor Plays (poetry)
1968 A Small Desperation (poetry)
1969 Dem (poetry)
1970 O Jones, O Jones (novel)
1970 Selected Poems (poetry)
1973 Funland and Other Poems (poetry)
1973 The Dogs of Pavlov (poetry)
1974 A Poet in the Family (poetry)
1977 Collected Poems 1948-1976 (poetry)
1977 More Words (poetry)
1978 My Medical School (poetry)
1979 Pythagoras (poetry)
1981 Way Out in the Centre (poetry)
1983 A Strong Dose of Myself (poetry)
1983 One-legged On Ice: Poems (poetry)
1986 Ask the Bloody Horse (poetry)
1986 Journals From the Ant Heap (poetry)
1986 Voices in the Gallery: Poems and Picture (poetry)
1989 White Coat, Purple Coat: Collected Poems 1948-1988 (poetry)
1990 Remembrance of Crimes Past: Poems 1986-1989 (poetry)
1990 The View from Row G: Three Plays (poetry)
1991 There Was A Young Man From Cardiff (novel)
1994 Intermittent Journals (poetry)
1994 On the Evening Road (poetry)
1994 Selected Poems (poetry)
1997 Welsh Retrospective (poetry)
1998 Arcadia One Mile (poetry)
1999 Be Seated, Thou: Poems 1989-1998 (poetry)
2001 Encounters Hearing Eye (poetry)
2001 Goodbye, Twentieth Century: An Autobiography
2002 New and Collected Poems (poetry)
2002 The Strange Case of Dr Simmonds & Dr Glas (novel)
2003 The Two Roads Taken: A Prose Miscellany
2004 Yellow Bird Sheep (poetry)
2006 Running Late (poetry)
2007 The Presence (memoir)
2009 New Selected Poems 1949-2009: Anniversary Collection (poetry)
2013 Speak, Old Parrot (poetry)