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Emyr Humphreys was born in Prestatyn in 1919. His father was as school headmaster. He read history at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and, while there, became engaged in politics and learned Welsh. When called up for the war, he declared himself to be a conscientious objector and worked as a farm labourer, a war relief worker in the Middle East and working for the Save the Children Fund. He worked as a teacher before becoming a drama producer for BBC Wales. In order to be able to spend more time on writing, he then became a university lecturer in drama at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. His many novels and stories are imbued with a strong Christian ethos and are concerned with issues of conscience and doing what is right. He died in 2020.

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Emyr Humphreys
Emyr Humphreys


1946 The Little Kingdom (novel)
1949 The Voice of a Stranger (novel)
1951 A Change of Heart (novel)
1952 Hear and Forgive (novel)
1955 A Man’s Estate (novel)
1957 The Italian Wife (novel)
1958 Y Tri Llais (novel)
1958 A Toy Epic (novel)
1963 The Gift (novel)
1965 Outside the House of Baal (novel)
1968 Natives (stories)
1970 Ancestor Worship (poetry)
1970 Dinas (with W. S. Jones)
1971 National Winner (Land of Living series) (novel)
1973 Cymod Cadarn
1974 Flesh and Blood (Land of Living series) (novel)
1976 Landscapes (songs – lyrics by Humphreys and music by Alun Hoddinott)
1978 The Best of Friends (Land of Living series) (novel)
1978 Diwylliant Cymru a’r cyfryngau torfol
1979 The Kingdom of Brân
1979 Bwrdd Datblygu Teledu Cymraeg
1979 Theatr Saunders Lewis
1980 The Anchor Tree (novel)
1983 The Talliesin Tradition: A Quest for the Welsh Identity
1984 Jones: A Novel (novel)
1985 Salt of the Earth (Land of Living series) (novel)
1986 An Absolute Hero (Land of Living series) (novel)
1988 Open Secrets (Land of Living series) (novel)
1988 The Triple Net: A Portrait of the Writer Kate Roberts, 1891-1985
1990 The Crucible of Myth: W D Thomas Memorial Lecture
1991 Bonds of Attachment (Land of Living series) (novel)
1996 Unconditional Surrender (novel)
1998 The Gift of a Daughter (novel)
1999 Collected Poems
1999 Dal pen rheswm (with R. Arwel Jones)
2001 Ghosts and Strangers (stories)
2002 Conversations and Reflections
2003 Old People are a Problem (stories)
2005 The Rigours of Inspection: Poems and Stories
2005 The Shop (stories)
2009 The Woman in the Window (stories)