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Kate Roberts was born in Rhosgadfan in 1891. Her father worked in the local quarries. She graduated in Welsh from the University College of North Wales, Bangor and then worked as a teacher. She was one of the early members of Plaid Cymru. She and her husband, Morris T. Williams, bought Gwasg Gee printing press and publishing company. They published a variety of works. She started writing herself, as a way of dealing with the death of her brother in World War I, publishing her first collection of stories in 1925. She published a series of stories and novels, all originally written in Welsh. She died in 1985.

Books about Kate Roberts

Alan Llwyd: Kate : Cofiant Kate Roberts 1891-1985 (in Welsh)
Derec Llwyd Morgan: Kate Roberts
Katie Gramich: Kate Roberts

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Kate Roberts
Kate Roberts (1891-1985)
Kate Roberts home Cae’r Gors cottage acquired by Cadw


1925 O Gors y Bryniau (stories)
1926 Deian a Doli (stories)
1929 Rhigolau Bywyd (stories)
1930 Laura Jones (novella)
1936 Traed Mewn Cyffion (Feet in Chains) (novel)
1937 Ffair Gaeaf (stories)
1946 A Summer Day & Other Stories
1949 Stryd y Glep (novella)
1956 Y Byw Sy’n Cysgu (The Living Sleep; later : The Awakening) (novel)
1959 Te yn y grug (Tea in the Heather) (stories)
1960 Y Lôn Wen (autobiography)
1962 Tywyll Heno (novel)
1964 Hyn o fyd (stories)
1967 Tegwch y Bore (One Bright Morning) (novel)
1969 Prynu Dol (stories)
1972 Gobaith (stories)
1976 Yr Wylan Deg (stories)
1981 Haul a Drycin (Sun and Storm and Other Stories) (stories)
1981 Two Old Men and Other Stories
1991 The World of Kate Roberts: Selected Stories, 1925-1981
1992 Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders : Gohebiaeth, 1923–1983 (correspondence with Saunders Lewis)