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I giovani cosmetici [The Young Cosmetics]

A movement that was a response to both the I giovani cannibali and the Intemperanti, moving away from the violence of the former and the experimentalism of the latter, and moving towards a more formal and aesthetic approach. In short, they wanted to focus more on the beautiful (in the broadest sense of the term), hence the name of the group. The name came about when Giulia Belloni, a publishing editor, decided to collect stories for an anthology. She had a few criteria. The stories had to be short (this was the generation of emails, trailers, texting). They must be written by writers who were under forty years of age. And they had to be on current topics. And they had to shock with their immediacy. Out of 2000 stories submitted, she selected eighteen. Whether this group is a) a coherent group and b) has a lasting effect, remains to be seen.

Books on I giovani cosmetici

Giulia Belloni (editor): Giovani Cosmetici (in Italian)

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