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Generación Post (Post Generation)

Termed coined by the writer Fernando Ampuero for the new generation of Peruvian writers, who are considered to be of the Facebook generation and make much use of social media. The term comes from the fact that they are often posting items to social media, so we know a lot about what they think, what they read, what they do and where they go, regardless of whether they live in Peru or elsewhere. They are not a formal group and do not necessarily have similar writing styles or literary aims. Some of the best-known are: Jeremías Gamboa, Renato Cisneros, Juan Manuel Robles, Francisco Ángeles, Diego Trelles Paz, Claudia Salazar Jiménez, Santiago Roncagliolo and Daniel Alarcón, though others are included, such as Carlos Yushimito, Johann Page, Dante Trujillo, Sergio Galarza, Luis Arriola, Ramón Bueno Tizón, Susanne Noltenius, Marco García Falcón, Julie de Trazegnies (†), Ezio Neyra, Alejandro Neyra, Pedro José Llosa, Víctor Ruiz Velazco, Miguel Ángel Torres Vitolas, Alexis Iparraguirre, Katya Adaui, Jack Martínez, María José Caro León-Velarde, Raúl Tola, Leonardo Aguirre, Gabriel Ruiz Ortega, Ronald Arquiñigo, Pedro Novoa, Daniela Ramírez, Jennifer Thorndike and Yeniva Fernández.

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