What nationality is the writer?

That is the question. While it is obvious for many writers, for others it is less so. T S Eliot and Henry James were born American but died British. Elias Canetti was born in what is now Bulgaria, wrote in German and died a British citizen. Franz Kafka was born, lived and died in Prague but wrote in German. The USA is particularly good at claiming writers as its own (and actors – bet you didn’t know Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Geneviève Bujold, Neve Campbell, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Rae Dawn Chong, Alice Cooper (yes, that Alice Cooper), Hume Cronyn, Glenn Ford, Michael J Fox, Samuel Goldwyn, Lorne Greene, Monty Hall, Phil Hartman, Walter Huston, John Ireland, Ruby Keeler, Margot Kidder, Allan King, Rich Little, Jeanette MacDonald, Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen, Mary Pickford, Walter Pidgeon, Christopher Plummer, Keanu Reeves, William Shatner, Norman Shearer, Martin Short, Jay Silverheels, Donald Sutherland, Meg Tilly, Shania Twain, Shannon Tweed and Fay Wray were all Canadian and that Elizabeth Taylor was a British citizen all her life). Eliot and James are considered to be American but so are Saul Bellow and W P Kinsella (born in Canada), W H Auden (born in Britain), Jerzy Kosinski (born in Poland) and, of course, Vladimir Nabokov (born in Russia). As this is my website, I have decided to put writers into the nationality I feel they were most associated with. Thus Eliot and James (who will not appear in this site) as well as Bellow, Kosinski and Nabokov are deemed to be American. Kafka and Canetti are Austrians; Auden does not appear but would be British. Kinsella will remain Canadian. If you are looking for an author and are in doubt about his/her nationality, you can always check the alphabetical listing or, for women writers, the the list of women writers.