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Déwé Gorodé


Déwé Gorodé was born in 1949 in Ponérihouen. After high school, she took a B.A. at the Université Paul-Valéry de Montpellier. She returned to New Caledonia to teach. She was soon involved in political action, starting with the Foulards Rouges [Red Scarves], of which she soon became president. She was later involved with the groupe 1878 and then with the independence movement, PALIKA. During this period, she was sent to prison on three occasions. She returned to teaching, teaching Paicî, her native language. She continued to be involved in political activity, most recently having served as vice-president of the Government of New Caledonia. During this period, she was writing poetry, stories and novels. She died in 2022.

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1985 Sous les cendres des conques (poetry)
1994 Ûte Mûrûnû, petite fleur de cocotier (stories)
1996 L’Agenda (aphorisms)
1996 Par les temps qui courent (stories)
1999 Dire le vrai/To Tell the Truth (poetry – bilingual text)
2002 Le Vol de la parole (stories – with Weniko Ihage)
2004 The Kanak Apple Seasons (selection of stories)
2005 Sharing as Custom Provides (poetry – bilingual text)
2005 L’épave (The Wreck) (novel)
2006 30 ans du PALIKA (politics)
2009 Graines de pin colonnaire (novel)
2012 Tâdo, Tâdo, wéé! (novel)
2014 A l’orée du sable